How To Protect and Prepare Your Furniture for Your Move

Even if you choose to move yourself, it’s important to know the necessary steps in protecting and preparing your furniture. Here at Strong Hands Ithaca, we make sure to bring everything to ensure just that. Here is a list of items you must have:

  • movers wrap
  • moving pads
  • straps
  • tape
  • tools

The first thing to do before moving the furniture up/down a staircase, onto the dolly, or straight onto the truck, is to wrap moving pads around the entire piece, and wrap that in green movers wrap. This will ensure that no damage can be done to the piece, as well as your walls, railing, etc. You should also look for any legs on the couch, table, dresser that need to be removed to avoid damage to that as well.

After you’ve successfully wrapped your item, you can set up your straps to carry it, or set in on the dolly carefully. The ultimate goal is to make sure all of your furniture is protected, has no damage, and that you are satisfied with it.

Moving a Wine Collection

Moving your wine bottles between homes/storage won’t be as easy as you think it will be. Your wine collection is fragile, valuable, and the quality may change during the moving process. The most important thing is that your collection gets transported quickly.

There are plenty of options to choose from when you are looking to move your wine collection. You can do it yourself, hire a household moving company, or hire a specialized wine mover. If you have a hard time coming to terms with someone else handling your collection, moving it yourself is best. You can transport it in your own car, and everything should be in tip top shape if you follow the proper precautions to pack your wine collection. Hiring a moving company, like Strong Hands Ithaca, is a great idea as well. They will handle your items with care. But you should be aware of the weather because as you know, your collection could start to “cook” and won’t be as fresh anymore in really hot weather. A specialized wine mover is the best option to go with. They have the most experience and have all the necessities to move your wine collection over very far distances and in all-weather types.

If you love your wine collection like you say you do, it’s most important for you to do what’s most comfortable and most reasonable to move and handle it.

Using a Moving Dolly

Moving companies should always bring with them a dolly to move heavy and large pieces of furniture / appliances that you have in your home. There are two types of dollies. A furniture dolly – which is a platform of wood sitting on four wheels, and an appliance dolly – which is a metal L-shaped piece with two wheels and handles for you to push. It’s extremely important to use this or you can risk damage to your furniture and even yourself. Moving dollies are also good to use because it will make the move go faster.

The furniture dolly is great for moving couches, dressers, pianos, and much more. Some advantages of the furniture dolly are that they are in-expensive, usually costing $20-$60 depending on the model you get, it maneuvers easily, and holds super heavy items. But there are also disadvantages such as not having a handlebar or anything to actually help push the dolly other than the piece of furniture placed on it, you will also have to lift the item to get in onto the dolly, and it can only move along flat surfaces.

The appliance dolly looks completely different but has the same purpose. These can be used for boxes, appliances, furniture, just about everything. Some advantages of the appliance dollies are that there is a flat piece that you can easily get the item onto to move it, there are two handlebars for you to push and pull, and you can use this so go up or down stairs if needed. The appliance dolly is more expensive than the furniture dolly, costing about $200+ to buy.

If you’re thinking about doing a move, you should definitely buy or at least rent a furniture dolly for your safety, and also for the fact that it will make the move go faster.

Packing Your Mirror

A mirror is something everyone has in their home. Us as human beings love to look at ourselves, so of course when we’re moving, we are going to take our beloved mirror/s. It’s important that you pack and move your mirrors in the correct way, so no damage is done. As you know they are very fragile. The first thing to be done is to make sure you have the correct packing materials: – mirror box (there are different sizes to buy online or in stores) – kraft paper – cardboard – bubble wrap – painter’s tape – packing tape – permanent marker

After laying your mirror down you are going to grab your painter’s tape and make an “X” across the entire reflective front of the mirror. Then you will grab your cardboard and cut it into the exact size of the mirror and cover and tape it together. The next steps would be to wrap it in kraft paper, tape, bubble wrap it, and tape again. This will ensure that your mirror is extra protected. The last things to do are to put the mirror, all wrapped up, in the mirror box, tape the box, and label it. If the mirror box leaves extra space, you should stuff the kraft paper in those spaces, so the mirror isn’t shifting around in the box. If you feel nervous about doing the whole process you can always call a professional packing company and they will be happy to do it for you.

Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Move

Whether you’re moving across the country or across the town, moving comes at an expense. There are many different things to help reduce the cost of your move. It’s best to have an idea of a budget to get yourself started. Selling your un-used and un-wanted items, still in good quality, gives you a chance to add more money into your budget as well.

  • Compare prices with different companies. Every company is trying to compete with others. Negotiating your price for something lower may be something they will consider doing for you.
  • Packing yourself. Sometimes you will find free boxes in stores, or even from friends and family. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask them if they had any materials that they didn’t use anymore.
  • Purchase moving insurance. It might not happen, but accidents can occur, and your valuables won’t be fully covered by the moving companies’ insurance. A lot of time they are based off weight so overall your items won’t be covered like you may think.
Packing Books for Moving

Sometimes people don’t realize how much is needed to pack and move books. You have to do things carefully and without causing damage, or potential damage, to your collection. Before packing your books, you should go through them and make a pile for any that you don’t want anymore. This will ultimately leave you having to pack less books. But only if you want to.

After you’ve sorted your books, you should place them in a strong and sturdy box either upright, with the open sides facing the box, or flat along the sides of the box. If you have very fragile books, you should wrap them in packing paper or even newspaper. You should watch out for putting too many books in one box. They are light when you have one or two but putting a lot together will bear a heavy weight, things could start breaking and could potentially fall over in a moving truck or van. When placing them in the box you should fill the empty space with newspaper or even packing peanuts, so they won’t be shifting around in the box during transport. If you wanted to you could also carry your books in a suitcase.

As easy as it may seem, there are many factors that you need to think about before preparing to pack your precious books. The more careful you are with them, the less of an outcome of damaged books you will have.

Making Your Move Eco-Friendly

When moving, a lot of people don’t think about doing things in an eco-friendly way for the environment. There are a lot of supplies needed to do a move. To help keep things more eco-friendly you could re-use items, purchase eco-friendly material, and even give away items. Even the smallest effort makes a big impact on the environment.

Instead of getting brand new cardboard boxes, you can get reused ones. If you order from any online store, you can use the cardboard that your item came in with. You can even find used cardboard boxes for free at the store. If you have plastic boxes, you can use those as well. Newspaper is great for wrapping up individual fragile, and delicate items. There are also eco-friendly bubble wraps and packing peanuts that you can purchase for your move. It’s good to make use of the materials you already have.

Anything you do not intend to use in the future should be thrown / recycled, given, or sold away. You can hold a garage sale, take things to charity, and even ask your friends and family if they want anything. Of course, you will only be giving away items that are still in good condition. Moving can’t be 100% eco-friendly but anything helps to reduce carbon emission.