Making Your Move Eco-Friendly

When moving, a lot of people don’t think about doing things in an eco-friendly way for the environment. There are a lot of supplies needed to do a move. To help keep things more eco-friendly you could re-use items, purchase eco-friendly material, and even give away items. Even the smallest effort makes a big impact on the environment.

Instead of getting brand new cardboard boxes, you can get reused ones. If you order from any online store, you can use the cardboard that your item came in with. You can even find used cardboard boxes for free at the store. If you have plastic boxes, you can use those as well. Newspaper is great for wrapping up individual fragile, and delicate items. There are also eco-friendly bubble wraps and packing peanuts that you can purchase for your move. It’s good to make use of the materials you already have.

Anything you do not intend to use in the future should be thrown / recycled, given, or sold away. You can hold a garage sale, take things to charity, and even ask your friends and family if they want anything. Of course, you will only be giving away items that are still in good condition. Moving can’t be 100% eco-friendly but anything helps to reduce carbon emission.