Moving a Wine Collection

Moving your wine bottles between homes/storage won’t be as easy as you think it will be. Your wine collection is fragile, valuable, and the quality may change during the moving process. The most important thing is that your collection gets transported quickly.

There are plenty of options to choose from when you are looking to move your wine collection. You can do it yourself, hire a household moving company, or hire a specialized wine mover. If you have a hard time coming to terms with someone else handling your collection, moving it yourself is best. You can transport it in your own car, and everything should be in tip top shape if you follow the proper precautions to pack your wine collection. Hiring a moving company, like Strong Hands Ithaca, is a great idea as well. They will handle your items with care. But you should be aware of the weather because as you know, your collection could start to “cook” and won’t be as fresh anymore in really hot weather. A specialized wine mover is the best option to go with. They have the most experience and have all the necessities to move your wine collection over very far distances and in all-weather types.

If you love your wine collection like you say you do, it’s most important for you to do what’s most comfortable and most reasonable to move and handle it.