Get your new home in order with the help from driven and outgoing Strong Hands, LLC., team members that will clean, organize, and place things where you specifically would like. Strong Hands, LLC., offers unpacking services that allows clients to not have to worry about, “where to start” with unpacking. Our crew members will help get your place organized and set up just how clients want in no time! For instance, we start by unpacking the necessities the items we cannot go a-day-without. Shortly after, we tackle the kitchen, unpacking simple easy-to-unpack items. For most, the kitchen is the easiest room to put off for week, hence why we like to prioritize it first. Next, we move onto the bedrooms, starting with closets, moving to bedding, lamps, then any décor clients would like immediately accessible to them. Depending on how much clients have for their bedrooms, this part goes by quickly. Bathrooms come next, we like to schedule the bathroom unpack as a nice “break” to put in between listed about and living spaces. Bathrooms commonly have minimal items to unpack, a little décor here, a little there, we like to help make clients feel as though they do not have to lift a finger right away giving them time to get adjusted to their new environment. Small spaces typically are faster to unpack because one can only fit so much in a small space. Finally, living spaces get unpacked starting with a unique designed requested and/or we set up. Living spaces can take time considering all the detail that goes into it. Large furniture and rugs are prioritized next then side tables and accents. Lastly, the utilities, we organize and unpack clients utility areas. We save this step for last because in most common cases these are the least important thing to unpack last. We not only help unpack home we unpack office spaces as well. For more specific information, please inquire by calling (607)216-7889.