Packing Books for Moving

Sometimes people don’t realize how much is needed to pack and move books. You have to do things carefully and without causing damage, or potential damage, to your collection. Before packing your books, you should go through them and make a pile for any that you don’t want anymore. This will ultimately leave you having to pack less books. But only if you want to.

After you’ve sorted your books, you should place them in a strong and sturdy box either upright, with the open sides facing the box, or flat along the sides of the box. If you have very fragile books, you should wrap them in packing paper or even newspaper. You should watch out for putting too many books in one box. They are light when you have one or two but putting a lot together will bear a heavy weight, things could start breaking and could potentially fall over in a moving truck or van. When placing them in the box you should fill the empty space with newspaper or even packing peanuts, so they won’t be shifting around in the box during transport. If you wanted to you could also carry your books in a suitcase.

As easy as it may seem, there are many factors that you need to think about before preparing to pack your precious books. The more careful you are with them, the less of an outcome of damaged books you will have.