Moving Large Appliances

The first thing you need to do for preparation to move any large appliance is to clean. Appliances always get dusty and dirty inside, under and behind, maybe even the sides. Clean the appliance, the floor, and clear the pathway you’re going to take. We don’t need anyone tripping over random items. Taping off any doors that open by themselves will be helpful for you and will avoid it from opening and hitting any walls/doors. The next thing to check, if there is more than one entrance, is to measure and decide which doorway is best for you to take the appliance through.

The most important to remember is the equipment and safety measures you need to follow. You can end up with an injury if you don’t follow the necessary steps to move large appliances.

Here are items you will need to move the appliance:

  • dollies / handcarts
  • tape / wrap
  • straps