How To Protect and Prepare Your Furniture for Your Move

Even if you choose to move yourself, it’s important to know the necessary steps in protecting and preparing your furniture. Here at Strong Hands Ithaca, we make sure to bring everything to ensure just that. Here is a list of items you must have:

  • movers wrap
  • moving pads
  • straps
  • tape
  • tools

The first thing to do before moving the furniture up/down a staircase, onto the dolly, or straight onto the truck, is to wrap moving pads around the entire piece, and wrap that in green movers wrap. This will ensure that no damage can be done to the piece, as well as your walls, railing, etc. You should also look for any legs on the couch, table, dresser that need to be removed to avoid damage to that as well.

After you’ve successfully wrapped your item, you can set up your straps to carry it, or set in on the dolly carefully. The ultimate goal is to make sure all of your furniture is protected, has no damage, and that you are satisfied with it.