Protect Carpets While Moving

If you have not checked out “How To Protect Your Flooring” we highly suggest in doing so. Here is our second way of protecting flooring however a different type known as carpet. As you can imagine the whole idea of this information is to give more tips of how to protect flooring your right but we will take our applied knowledge to the next level here because we all can agree protecting your carpet is just as important as protecting your other types of floor (e.g., hard wood floors, tile, etc.,). There are many different material to use to cover your carpets for to strictly serve as protection so that absolutely no damage happens. Our worst nightmare is having damaged and stained perfectly taken care of carpet that was either put in or was left to us by previous owner who took very well care of them. Well there are strategies and techniques to damage-free carpeting in which not most clients who come to us nearing move in day would not have thought of to have used themselves. A material we use is using old clean rugs or even sometimes blankets donated to our company to use as temporary protection on clients move-in day. We use the strategize by placing this type of material at exit points to keep any water and/or dirty from getting on the rugs or below the material to the carpets. This strategy provides a barrier against damage (e.g., dents, scratches, stains, etc.,). We always remind clients using area rugs and blankets they decide to get rid of for moving purpose more than likely will totally get damaged during the process so only chose protectors that they do not mind letting go forever. Another material to consider is floor runner which act as an excellent protector and that will defend the floors and carpets in your home like a night in shiny armor. Most floor runners are made underneath to be anti-slip to keep them from shifting causing people who use them for many different reasons to slip and get hurt. Floor runners are a great option to use in particularly for staircases to prevent those from slipping while going up and down the stairs. Unfortunately, floor runner are pricey so you might want to find other material to use interchangeably. Plastic film might a bit cheaper however it is not recyclable. It serves as an a non-slip in between carpeting and traffic of feet in your home. Again, the downside of self-adhesive plastics film is that it has to be purchases yet another expense most would prefer to avoid. Strong Hands, LLC., like to use clean recycled cardboard as it is recyclable and cost little to nothing sometimes nothing at all. Cardboard can be used versatilely to protect hardwood flooring, laminate, carpet, tile and so on in your home. Flattened thick cardboard acts as extra protection that not only us but most clients prefer to keep not only us safe but our environment as well. Under normal circumstance and indented use, cardboard typically seals the deal for the win! In other words, if you already have the cardboard from packing then use it. Strong Hands, LLC., are the good movers and even if we are not doing all the work we are here offering all our tips. However, it is in customers best interest to hire the extra low cost help after hiring us the careful movers clients always realize how much work they were going to take on themselves and how their move could have costed them more. It is common that some clients do not realize up front all of the potential difficulties and actual cost that come into play making the picture a whole lot more troubling than just having our expert movers help. Our unique professionalism and knowledge speaks volumes in the work we physically do for our clients. For more details and information give us a call at 607-342-6761.

Protecting Walls While Moving

When it comes moving day, your biggest thoughts are likely to be about how to keep your belongings or both the house your moving out of and the house your moving into getting damaged. This is because, furniture is heavy and anything heavy easily can be hard to move let alone prevent from nicking from bumping into causing damage to a house you just sold and/or bought.

Strong Hands, LLC., has good new that clients can prepare prior to move in day preventing damaged worried happening. Taking such precautious will reduce the likely hood of anything that will cost you a great amount of money in repairs.

The best way to get a head start is consulting with Strong Hands, LLC., and preparing how to prevent your walls during your move together. While you may plan on tackling this job all on your own our professionals know the in’s and out’s of this area the most of how to keep your carpet clean of dirt, tears, and spill, and to prevent the walls just as much from dents and scratches by using carboard or other materials to prevent damage.

Strong Hands, LLC., makes it easy and simple by showing up in the proper attire with nothing that would rub up against fragile items and damage them. We are experienced at wrapping items that clients need moved out and into their new place with proper materials (e.g., plastic, shrink wrap, padding, soft fabric, etc.,) to avoid anything damaging clients walls. Hiring us avoids any extra money being spent later. It is our top priority to make sure out clients belonging get moved safely.

When it comes to your up coming move call us and let us work with you to get you moved out of your home and into your new one. We have professional’s that are knowledgeable on these kind of things and ready to help at a low cost. We have the solution to protect your walls and that solution is simply picking up your phone giving us a quick call at 607-342-6761.

Downsizing As A Senior?

What Should You Do With Your Belongings?

It is so much more than moving when you are downsizing as a senior, let us help. Downsizing means where you are relocating to more than likely will have less space. Over the course of a lifespan you probably have accumulated lots of “stuff” some value some not. When downsizing you will not be able to take everything that you own. For some, overwhelmed with emotion they do not even know where to begin.

Strong Hands, LLC., know how to better help those in need of downsizing them most moving companies. We start by taking a picture of each room in clients home so that they have something to look back on when wanting to feel comfortable from their past home where many have spent so much time making memories. Then, we choose one part of clients home to start putting into categories such as: keep, throw out, give away, or donate. After that we like to get our client involved even more by putting together a “special” pile of items they want to give to the special loved ones in their like (e.g., family, close friends, etc.,). The special pile consist of heirlooms, antiques, and really any items that hold a sentimental value in their hearts or items that have been requested to be passed on. Of course all the the items you use on a regular basis or that bring your joy on a regular basis even time from time should go with you. It is also a great idea to pack an essential bag.

Anything broken, unusable, and unable to restored back close to it’s regular form should be tossed immediately without any hesitation. For a small cost we will take all gently used, recyclable, or repairable items for clients and donate them to a nonprofit that accepts those type of goods. Any items that need to be thrown out we can help with that as well. Items that you are not willing to part with if enough for a small storage space we can help arrange that with clients as well.

Strong Hands, LLC., policy when helping clients downsize and declutter is that if they are not ready to give away, toss, or donate – there is no reason to do anything in such that will cause regret and grief later on for them. We respect our clients feelings and opinions as we are working for them find ways to significant benefit them by coming up with a plan of action that will make the situation less overwhelming.

We suggest to thoroughly downsize and minimize clutter with us to ensure clients have achieved their highest potential in such a sensitive time in their life. Whichever way clients choose to go we will go with them offering our services every step along the way to better help them reach their goals. For more information about our services and booking with us, give us a call at 607-342-6761.


Strong Hands, LLC., is well worth the price. We are trust worthy and get the job done right quick. Our teams has five star reviews to back our reputation up. Clients are always left impressed and thankful of their decision hiring us. Our main focus is to make our clients proud and satisfied. We are highly recommended by our clients to other friends, family, and piers of our clients. Our biggest compliment yet has been that we are on time and worked every minute of the job giving overall relief to clients moving situation. If clients have items in their home that need to move down the street and/or but not limited to a whole office switch of location a clients wish is our command. We help clients get established in their new places quickly with the least amount of distraction. We give free estimates with absolutely no fees or hidden charges. Our moving team uses proper equipment, pads, and recycling clean material to protect clients belongings while transporting them as we know how valuable items can be considered. Our team is driven to please clients without any excuses. No job is too big or too small, client only have to decide the moving services of ours that they want, and we do the rest! Let’s book the move by giving us a call to inquire today at 607-216-7889.

Creating a Timeline

Creating a timeline that includes all of the significant important stages of clients move. To guarantee a workable schedule, our pleasant team discusses our moving plans with all members. Strong Hands, LLC., is an independent moving company that gives realistic suggestions for instance a small office might need three months to prepare for their new location plans on moving, while a medium size office, could very well need six to eight month of preparation, same goes for home moves. In any case, it is key to start as quickly as possible, and/or when careful moving hands are available. Our availability to take on moves is wide open. A client can contact us any time between eight in the morning to eight at night Monday through Sunday and we will promise to be there. We pride ourselves in being available to help others create a timeline for a successful move. Moving is a multi-step process that entails planning an following requirements, we as a team like to exceed at satisfying our clients every single time. As with any size project, the goal in mind is starting the process early while maintaining frequent communication that for moves to be successful, non-stressful, and ultimately worth it. Please, review our “moving tips” tab for more in depth detail and/or reach out to us at (607) 216-7889.

Moving Tricks and Tips

First, and always, it is our top priority, once your move is indefinite, we suggest clients to review all confirmation documents, make sure dates, addresses, contact phone numbers are correct. Second, make certain parking is available at both destinations. Any necessary permits on your behalf (e.g., housing deed, keys to new destination, etc.) need to be accessible and any regulations (e.g., apartment complex, condo, new office, etc.). Third, if relevant, reserve elevator and direct loading space at new destination, and advise your Strong Hands, LLC., moving coordinator of any restrictions (e.g., time). Fourth, be sure to have planned out electricity operation (e.g., disconnecting at old place connecting at new). Fifth, disconnect appliances such as computer, television, surround system, mobile fire place, etc., all of the equipment necessary that is applicable prior to your move. Sixth, be sure all items in the attic and/or crawl space are moved into a common area to save time for when the movers come. It is suggested that clients Strong Hands, LLC., driver present items at arrival. Seventh, if packing on own be sure to fully packed, taped shut, and neatly labeling for our team members to organize boxes accordingly. Eighth, before leaving location make sure a walk through is performed twice by client and Strong Hands, LLC., team member to ensure that is going is on the truck. When performing the walk through it is highly suggested to check places such as closets, dishwasher, cupboards, etc., and many more. Something to also keep in mind when moving and moving into new place is: turning on and off light fixtures (e.g., ceiling fan), running water and checking for leaks under sinks, testing all appliances, checking if garage door opens and closes, flushing toilets, inspecting ceiling, walls, and floors, run garbage disposal and exhaust fans. Ninth, pet arrangements whether it is a friend, sitter, and/or groomer. As animal lovers ourselves, we always advice our clients to be thoughtful of their pets feeling as it can be a stressful adjustment for them all well. Tenth, lastly, when everything is all said and done, we advice clients to do an overview of entire move for reason such as making sure boxes are in correct rooms, nothing valuable was left behind, etc., all in all we enjoy the at most satisfactory review from all of our clients to us every client matters.

Office Moving

Some clients are just in need of careful, trust worthy, helpful, and knowledgeable strong hands to help move their office space from old to new location. Strong Hands, LLC., commercial team members has the expertise to provide all of the services a client can desires. We help clients relocate with little disrupting to their regular business operations. We map out a contingent plan and give an accurate estimate for moving that includes packing and a thorough walk through. Our moving coordinator will always is clear when communicating with client confirming: place, time, short or long distance, and manage all of the other details. We help as much or little with packing and unpacking that our clients want. Strong Hands, LLC., starts with proper labeling and a map of new location space for efficiency. Our drivers follow protocol to protect office materials equipment by using careful techniques. Our goal is for no bumps, no hiccups, no damaged items, and for to be finished ahead of schedule. The majority of our packing materials are sustainable. Even if we are moving clients from one building to the next building across the street we make sure we take the time and gently wrap clients valuable items. After getting clients settled we do a walk through to make sure we are on the same page. We like to make sure all our of clients are satisfied with our services. Our team is ready to help give us a call for more information today at 607-216-7889.

Furniture Delivering/Repositioning

Have you ever ordered some new furniture but do not have a way to get it home free of damage? Strong Hands, LLC., offers furniture delivery and repositioning of furniture clients already have in their space. We specialize in loading and unloading services. At a reasonable price, we ensure that clients furniture arrives damage free with no “ware or tare”. Lifting heavy items can be difficult for most, but not for our team. We know what to do to get items where they need to go the easiest way. There are specific moves that require careful movers, in other words, just call us. Strong Hand’s, LLC., offers delivering and styling of furniture. We organize and position furniture where client prefer before leaving them. We like for our clients to be able to enjoy their furniture and space without having to lift a finger. Strong Hands, LLC., takes delivering clients belongings very serious and we pride ourselves making it fast, affordable, and even fun along the way! Often we appreciate clients contacting us in advance however we fully understand sometimes clients find something that they like and want that call us whom also dearly support. Let our experts do it by giving us a call at 607-342-6761.

Why Hire The Careful Movers?

Moving is a big job, even if moving from a small space. Attempting to move independently without any help can be even more stressful and burdening. Strong Hands, LLC., is here to ease the stress and tension of moving. Do not do it by yourself, we are professionals, and will take a close look at how best we can help our clients. Relocating is not only a big job itself and rise some safety concerns. Moving can cause all sort of issue for the body such as: back pain, body aches, lower body injuries (e.g., knees, legs, feet) and other unnecessary issues. Many people who are not moving professionals hurt themselves trying to do moves on their own from lifting heavy items such as boxes, furniture, appliances, and much more. Let us take care of the stress your body will remember of the physical labor. Why do it oneself by sorting, labeling, moving, when you can call us? Strong Hands, LLC., has the experienced professionals that are trust worthy and can do it all for clients. We come to the job with our own tools, equipment, and and other necessary items to make the move as easy as possible as stated above. There is no need for clients to worry or stress because our team have the strength, positive attitudes, and knowledge to get it all done in beyond expectations. We strive to ensure clients of an easy, quick, and comfortable way to bypass all of the physical labor. Our team understands how sensitive clients due to hire a third party take care of very big step for them. Strong Hands, LLC., protects clients belongings and takes the extra step to prevent them from being damaged. We give clients a peace of mind by standing by our word. Our team understand that people want their move to be as simple as can be, and quickly done while their belongings stay safe. for more information give us a call at (607) 342-6761.

Partial Moves

Sometimes clients take the whole entire moving process on their own then just shortly after they started or mid way through they decide hey I could really use some extra help. Strong Hands, LLC., the careful movers, the trust worthy, caring, positive, and strong ones takes call between eight in the morning to seven in the evening Monday through Friday and most of the times on the weekends. We can help load, unload, and/or finish a partial started job. Whatever the load, however long it takes, we are determined to help and take the physical labor off clients. Moving can be way more demanding than many think, it is of clients best interest to hire Strong Hands, LLC., moving crew to lighten their burdens. We are happy to be of service to all clients who come to us in need even during the most stressful moments of their lives. Our trained and experienced professional movers have the tools to do the job. For instance, our team will help get clients organized in a timely fashion to ensure belonging to less likely get damaged. We try out best not to work counterproductively in our efforts to satisfy making their moving process a positive experience to remember. To serve as the base and foundation of our truck load we typically load plastic, special cloths, padded wrapped heavy furniture and other items that apply since they as least likely to move around. Another strategy of ours is slowing down and taking our time to use our space wisely ensuring everything will fit. We strategically load our truck to not only save room but it also saves time! Our crew reserves items for last to load such as luggage, chairs, rugs, etc., to balance our truck and from preventing anything from getting damaged. It is good to make note of items that are hazardous (e.g., cleaning supplies, substances that could catch on fire, medicine, etc.). Many of our clients find it interesting however we advise to always latch truck gates, lock up all part of truck, etc., because moving theft happens more than imaginable. It is important for us to keep clients safe at all time even when we turn out back for a brief minute. Our team are reputable and most choose to make their moving plans with us because make it easy! Let us be here to support at any point of your move by simply giving us a call at 607-342-6761.

Labor Only

Strong Hands, LLC., has unlimited manpower. As the careful movers, we provide the at most outstanding service. Our strong handed, outgoing, enthusiastic men are here to suit our clients and strengthen ten plus years of experience performing at their best each and every time as clients request continue to evolve. Our team members are knowledgeable and know that not every client needs the same service. Strong Hands, LLC., is happy to help with what clients want. We leave our professional mark with clients and they know that they did the right thing by hiring us which shows through our past client reviews. When clients need a crew to help loading, prepare for storage unit, or to even just help clear out a space or office for repairs and/or updates, our physical labor only services are always going to be the right choice. Many have left us with reviews that stated that we got the job done without any inconvenience, belonging damages, stress, or pain. Strong Hands, LLC., maintains professionalism, and completes moves within a timely manner. We can accomplish the heavy lifting task, let us do the work, it is our job to make the job stress free for you. Strong Hands, LLC., offers competitive rates, find out more information by giving us a call today at 607-342-6761.

Partial Packing Services

Sometimes we just like to do it ourselves however in doing so comes with a combination of excitement and frustration. Luckily, Strong Hands, LLC., is here for you to lean on. Whether it is full or partial packing we offer both services that give clients what they need it is not just us showing clients what they want to see but also getting them where they want to be. We take the at most pride in providing excellent work that goes hand in hand with our clients instruction for providing our services packing and partially packing. We achieve ideal for those who reach the decision that they prefer a partial packer rather that full. Strong Hands, LLC., has professional packers on their team ready to take direction. All we ask of clients is to tell us what to do with items they wants packed and or removing already packed item. We inform our clients that we can always help with loading and unloading as well. Strong Hands, LLC., packing team member down to a science for instance, we pack heavier items on bottom and lighter fragile item towards the top. We suggest clients using clean old clothing such as scarfs, towels, etc., to save money on packing material to insulate which will fill spaces between items. We also advise clients to use items they already own such as plastic storage bins, luggage, and any other environmentally friendly items. However, we might suggest items such as listed above, but we also ask that clients plan ahead and grab some study cardboard boxes to ensure that some items do not get broken or damaged. Whether clients need a luxury item packed, and assortment of alcoholic beverages (e.g., wine bottles), many more items that shape rooms, Strong Hands, LLC., has the experience, knowledge, tools and equipment to guarantee clients item will be safe will we make their move easier during the entire process. Clients can count on us today and everyday to be there for them exceeding what is expected of us as the careful movers. Instead of taking a few week days off that could infringe on your work schedule give us a call ahead of time at (607) 342-6761. Let us get the move done quick and efficient without you burning exhausting yourself out.