Money Saving Hacks For Your Next Move!

Plan extensively for your move by coming up with a comprehensive plan that does not only skip of stress by last-minute thinking when it comes to your move but you will also save you money or at least allow you to be able to stretch it. No matter how good your memory is – right it down! We are always bound to forget a thing or two. Unless you put what is in your head on paper you are likely to forget it. Prepare a checklist of essential task and post it somewhere you look everyday very often also write it in your planner. Get a tax break for giving by collecting a bunch of your could care less about items and donating them to a qualified local charity. Packing for a more is not avoidable you need boxes. Go to your local department stores that will give you boxes for free, heck even the wine shop! Take initiative by post a listing that you are in need of study boxes and I’m sure you more likely than not will get a lot of feedback. Think outside the box as well for instance re-purposing wicker and wire baskets can be used for small light-weight household items. Preventing leaks with cleaning supplies and toiletries by cling wrap only the top of item then tapes off with masking tape. After getting into the moving truck this is something to be made assure that was done. Do not overlook when packing leak-prone liquids, remove the cap set it aside for later in a labelled zip-lock bag, and cover the cap with cling wrap then tape off with masking tape. Doing this will allow for you to not have a mess to clean up later and supplies to use instead of having to spend the money to replace. Wind all cords and label them so that there is no confusion when it comes to get everything set back up in your new space. Nobody likes cord chaos so on packing day, wrap and tie together cords for similar devices, then label them to make it easier on yourself. Give your back a break while transporting your books by packing your library in rolling bins and/or suitcases. Books are a heavy burden to lug when taking for a lift however it is absolutely possible if done safely and strategically. Pack a bag for your must haves filling the bag with things such as toilet paper, tooth brush/paste, deodorant, hair brush and spray bottle, electronic essentials and other items for comforting. The first night in your home you should rest. The bag should be kept close away from all boxes and suitcases while traveling so that if there are any delays while on the move you are prepared. Labeling is huge when packing with boxes you should have a label scheme so that you know what room they go in. The labels should be big and clear labelled on the sides of the boxes not only top because more than likely they are going to be stacked onto the truck. Forget the classic way of packing of packing similar items together pack items by room not by type to save time. Then use color stickies to stick outside the boxes with written key that links each color to the designated room. By doing this you can quickly places boxes in the designated rooms without any confusion. Beautiful, but fragile plates are often the first to break when during a move when not wrapped properly or at all. Instead of stacking plate on top of each of other organize them vertically (e.g., music records) separating eating plate with newspaper or fabric. This prevents cracking and shattering or any other type of damage when there is any bumping going on. This way the plates to be cushioned when in transition, unloading, and/or unpacking. Garbage bags for your clothes works excellently for transporting your wardrobe on move day. Slip the bags over the hanged clothing such as dresses, suits, shirts, etc., then reused the garbage bags later on or re-purpose them. Also with doing this make sure you get rid of all your outdated clothing. If you cannot part ways with certain outfits vacuum seal them and store them away as a safe-saving solution. Sit down and write out all of your expenses because it expensive moving there are fees such as storage and rental truck cost. Some people moving can find that they can include some of their expenses that came along with moving to be tax deductions. If you avidly, accurately, and confidently document your moving expenses as you incur them, more than likely you will get tax deductions. Food for thought do not bring all of your food with you. Try and finish up with it before moving then donate the rest. That way you will have consumed what you could and not have wasted what was left in the fridge, pantry, and cabinets. Update your mailing address right away a few weeks before moving so that you can avoid missing any bill later on having to pay late fees.

The list goes on folks… Strong Hands, LLC., offers to take care of all of this for our clients at a low cost and most take us up on our services so that nothing is forgotten about because of how thorough our team is when doing our job. For more information on our top moving hacks give us a call at (607) 342-6761!