Money Saving Hacks For Your Next Move!

Plan extensively for your move by coming up with a comprehensive plan that does not only skip of stress by last-minute thinking when it comes to your move but you will also save you money or at least allow you to be able to stretch it. No matter how good your memory is – right it down! We are always bound to forget a thing or two. Unless you put what is in your head on paper you are likely to forget it. Prepare a checklist of essential task and post it somewhere you look everyday very often also write it in your planner. Get a tax break for giving by collecting a bunch of your could care less about items and donating them to a qualified local charity. Packing for a more is not avoidable you need boxes. Go to your local department stores that will give you boxes for free, heck even the wine shop! Take initiative by post a listing that you are in need of study boxes and I’m sure you more likely than not will get a lot of feedback. Think outside the box as well for instance re-purposing wicker and wire baskets can be used for small light-weight household items. Preventing leaks with cleaning supplies and toiletries by cling wrap only the top of item then tapes off with masking tape. After getting into the moving truck this is something to be made assure that was done. Do not overlook when packing leak-prone liquids, remove the cap set it aside for later in a labelled zip-lock bag, and cover the cap with cling wrap then tape off with masking tape. Doing this will allow for you to not have a mess to clean up later and supplies to use instead of having to spend the money to replace. Wind all cords and label them so that there is no confusion when it comes to get everything set back up in your new space. Nobody likes cord chaos so on packing day, wrap and tie together cords for similar devices, then label them to make it easier on yourself. Give your back a break while transporting your books by packing your library in rolling bins and/or suitcases. Books are a heavy burden to lug when taking for a lift however it is absolutely possible if done safely and strategically. Pack a bag for your must haves filling the bag with things such as toilet paper, tooth brush/paste, deodorant, hair brush and spray bottle, electronic essentials and other items for comforting. The first night in your home you should rest. The bag should be kept close away from all boxes and suitcases while traveling so that if there are any delays while on the move you are prepared. Labeling is huge when packing with boxes you should have a label scheme so that you know what room they go in. The labels should be big and clear labelled on the sides of the boxes not only top because more than likely they are going to be stacked onto the truck. Forget the classic way of packing of packing similar items together pack items by room not by type to save time. Then use color stickies to stick outside the boxes with written key that links each color to the designated room. By doing this you can quickly places boxes in the designated rooms without any confusion. Beautiful, but fragile plates are often the first to break when during a move when not wrapped properly or at all. Instead of stacking plate on top of each of other organize them vertically (e.g., music records) separating eating plate with newspaper or fabric. This prevents cracking and shattering or any other type of damage when there is any bumping going on. This way the plates to be cushioned when in transition, unloading, and/or unpacking. Garbage bags for your clothes works excellently for transporting your wardrobe on move day. Slip the bags over the hanged clothing such as dresses, suits, shirts, etc., then reused the garbage bags later on or re-purpose them. Also with doing this make sure you get rid of all your outdated clothing. If you cannot part ways with certain outfits vacuum seal them and store them away as a safe-saving solution. Sit down and write out all of your expenses because it expensive moving there are fees such as storage and rental truck cost. Some people moving can find that they can include some of their expenses that came along with moving to be tax deductions. If you avidly, accurately, and confidently document your moving expenses as you incur them, more than likely you will get tax deductions. Food for thought do not bring all of your food with you. Try and finish up with it before moving then donate the rest. That way you will have consumed what you could and not have wasted what was left in the fridge, pantry, and cabinets. Update your mailing address right away a few weeks before moving so that you can avoid missing any bill later on having to pay late fees.

The list goes on folks… Strong Hands, LLC., offers to take care of all of this for our clients at a low cost and most take us up on our services so that nothing is forgotten about because of how thorough our team is when doing our job. For more information on our top moving hacks give us a call at (607) 342-6761!

Long-Distance Moving Travel Guide

Moving across the country is hard, and if doing it yourself, there are a whole other list of things to consider. But if you plan ahead with Strong Hands, LLC., you’ll be set. We are more than willing to move your belongings long-distance for clients however some prefer just the low cost services we offer such as packing clients homes up and packing their rented truck. So, let’s be realistic here there are something you need to know when driving a moving truck. Clients need to make sure they choose the right truck for their needs and route they plan on taking. Moving trucks need to be loaded with the heaviest and largest items last. Familiarizing yourself with the truck is a must that include safety procedures of your truck. Whether clients are moving short-distance or long-distance it requires time, patience, organization and planning all things Strong Hands, LLC., can help with when booked. Once clients have found their home and finalized all the paper work it is an intelligent idea to start packing and planning the move!

The first thing clients should consider is how they get from place to place. Will they be hiring Strong Hands, LLC., or driving a moving truck long-distance themselves? While it could be so that the clients decided to drive to their far away destination independently, Strong Hands, LLC., will still walk clients through everything they need to know and consider beforehand. Here is where clients patience comes in, driving in high volume traffic and/or rush hour a 26 foot truck. But before you freak yourself out take a deep breath everything will work fine. Driving a moving truck you have to be confident and understand that driving a large truck is more similar to driving a car than most think.

Clients have to be over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s license and know the rules of the road. Clients ask, “Will I need a commercial driver’s license?” the answer is in most cast no you do not. Now after you determine your eligibility it’s time to go find you a truck that fits! Something clients need to consider include the following: which company you want to rent from, what size of commercial truck you need, cost to return the truck, cost of fuel/miles per gallon, additional fees that are required, customer service level, and any additional services offered. An important thing to think about is not only what size of moving truck clients can afford within their budget but what one is the right fit truck for their safety. For instance, here is a few things that could go wrong, if the truck you pick is too small for your load it will weigh too much and more than likely not be able to be packed properly. If the truck is too large your belongings will shift around while travelling and potentially get severely damaged. Strong Hands, LLC., refrains from instances like this because of our integrity policy. However, Strong Hands, LLC., suggest clients switch truck out and still seek our services because we enjoy helping make packing easier on clients. There are some important things clients should do before starting their new journey. Determining their route is definitely the first one. Google Maps is incredible, right? Google Maps and even GPS does help us get from point A to point B however sometimes we loose service going through dead zones. While traveling anywhere we should have a hard copy map in hands. Quiet frankly, it would be a could idea to highlight your route on an extra hard copy of your map that way you will know exactly where you are going. Estimating timing is awesome because sometimes it gives us an exact estimate of how long it will take to get from point A to B. Most importantly pick your rest stop and gas breaks before clients start their trip. By doing this, it gives travelers mile marks to aim for using the bathroom, grabbing food, etc., scheduling this makes it more enjoyable and barrable to tolerate long distance travel. Also, when estimating this into the travel time it helps everyone stay on a tangible schedule while taking adequate time to rest and re-cooperate. Let’s face it, when traveling long distance in a large truck clients will not want to risk opening up the back just to get the things they wish they would have packed in an overnight bag. So, prepare a large suitcase for everybody to share with all the essentials you will need such as tooth paste/tooth brushes, extra toilet paper, spare clothing, and any medication that might be needed. Doing this is highly underrated because having an accessible bag throughout your travel is really nice and convenient. Next, whenever traveling we should carry a first aid kit. Go to the pharmacy grab one and keep it close in case of any emergencies. Are we done yet? Almost! Lastly, we need to go over some safety tips for driving a large commercial truck. They rules of the road pretty much apply to any vehicle however moving trucks are larger and heavier therefor they require heightened attention to safe safe while traveling. Here are important MUST things to keep in mind:

  • Speed: It’s tempting to drive fast so you can get to your destination faster. However, when driving a large and heavy commercial moving truck your speed could be deadly because the more heavy something is in motion the longer it takes to slow down. Drive at a safe, consistent speed. When you need to slow down, make sure you are lengths apart from those traveling around you because it will take a lot longer than a car for truck to come to a complete stop.
  • Passing: When driving resist the urge to pass. Stay in the furthest right lane and only pass on the left when absolutely necessary. Just like when driving a car, do not ever pass on a hill or a curved road.
  • Turning: As you may already have thought of turning a large truck needs more space than usual therefore give yourself extra room to maneuver around so you do not tip the truck.
  • Parking: When parking the moving truck, find parking spots that are specifically for larger vehicles. If that’s not an option, park in an open area and avoid parking next to other cars. Give yourself space to get in and out of the spot and try not to block other cars in.
  • Brakes: Check them before starting your travel journey. Unless absolutely necessary, do not slam on breaks when driving a moving truck. Moving trucks are heavy and require more time to slow down. Give yourself plenty of space between cars before braking. In addition to checking your brakes be sure to take breaks when you need it never allow yourself to drive drowsy or under the influence. It is better to take breaks than get into a tragic accident.

Now, when it comes to traveling… There are a lot zones and weather paths clients will go through potentially. Clients will need to prepare their rental truck for any weather they may encounter. It is strongly suggested to make sure the windshield wiped fluid is full, the windshield wipers are intact, and the tires are sturdy. Also, just for the heck of it especially during the colder months bring an excellent ice scraper, a couple warm insulated blankets, coat, and boots in case a snow storm comes blowing in or you loose heat inside the moto vehicle.

Driving long distance is hard work but as long as you prepare properly it will be a breeze. Doing it this way will allow clients to save time, stress, and from safety issues occurring on their journey to their new dream home. For Strong Hands, LLC., professional guidance and help give us a call at (607) 342-6761!