The Right Way To Move Glass During A Move!

It is important when moving such fragile items – like glass – that require Strong Hands, LLC., expertise to remember glass is NOT fun to clean up and nine times out of ten broken shards of glass ends up everywhere creating a safety hazard for everyone. To protect your glass and yourself by saving yourself the chaos of broken or shattered glass, contact us – we are more than happy to help at a low cost!

Strong Hands, LLC., ensure to account for all our client’s glass pieces first before anything else. Besides countertop this typically includes mirrors, glass shelves, and glass picture frames that we gather, efficiently wrap, and placed by the door out of the way. To keep clients glass protected and safe, the first thing our team does is wrap the items with moving blankets. Preferably, depending on how big the fragile item is we like to double wrap the item with two moving blankets using flexible rubber bands for the blankets to stay in place. After this step is completed, we bubble wrap and tape them full circle around the items to ensure that the items are secured. Sometimes we like to place the wrapped items into collapsible boxes that are thirty percent bigger than the fragile items. Once our team has safely packed our client’s glass, we make sure all glass pieces are labelled properly large and visibly on both sides of the boxes. For any flat pieces of glass, we always make sure we label them “flat” and “do not lay flat” because a flat piece of glass should always be carried and stored on its edges.

After our client’s items are properly labeled, they are gently and safely transferred directly to our moving truck and secured between heavier items that are clear away from any hard surface items that could potentially slide and/or shift damaging the glass during the move. Did you know that it is easier and safer to remove the glass from a countertop table before moving it? Yes – most glass is quite easy to remove from tables that is if you know what you are doing in the case of Strong Hands, LLC., doing it of course we know what we are doing!

The most difficult part of removing the glass from a table is if it is secured by screws but that is pretty much it. Strong Hands, LLC., always unscrews the glass and pack it separately regardless because that it how careful our team is when handling our client’s precious belongings.

When you know what to do it is always important to know exactly what NOT to do just as well.

Strong Hands, LLC., knows both ends when it comes to moving glass which is why out clients rely on us day in and day out to rise to the occasion and perform at a five star rating compacity.

We NEVER lay glass items such as tabletops flat because let think about it together when glass tabletops are laid flat they are likely to shatter and/or crack due to the glass molecular structure. Glass is strongest around it’s edges and most ideal to only be set down upright.

Keep in mind is that glass should NEVER be stacked especially after being wrapped. Dirt and grime love to take advantage when glass is stacked. This is where the anonymous scratches appears because the dirt and grime get trapped between the two glass pieces. Also, glass is hard to separate this way!

It makes common sense to NEVER store anything heavy on glass, right? This does not need explanatory – glass is fragile and most should know it cannot hold up much weight and if too much pressure the glass can break, shatter, or crack.

Pack mirrors in specially padded cartons

Strong Hands, LLC., use special flat boxes and/or glass carton sized unique for your mirror when purchasing boxes. Having all the proper boxes in-hand makes the process easier. We prepare by lining outer edges with crushed paper to create a padded bed in which your item can rest and can be moved without breaking.

Before we place clients mirror in the box, we make sure to wrap it in padded paper and/or sheets of bubble wrap to create a plentiful outside layered barrier. We then tape this wrapping tightly that you mirror is being placed in.

Once your mirror is in the box, we fill all gaps with crumpled paper. It is not normally recommended, however sometimes depending on the circumstances and item we are able to pack more than one mirror in a single box. This typical will only happen if the client chooses to consolidate items in this manner, efficient padding between the client’s items to prevent rubbing or shifting is provided.

Heavy mirrors, stone or table tops:

We generally pack heavy glass and stone into specially wooden crates to provide an extra layer of protection.

At Strong Hands, LLC., when packing and unpacking we can help you pack and unpack all your items for you.

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