Residential Staging

We are asked quite often, “How much does your Commercial Staging service soft and How much will we gain from it?” the answer is simple more than meet ones eye. Strong Hands, LLC., has a sister business that has team members that are experts at decorating house typically for most of our clients in the efforts to help sell their homes. Paying a professional is worth the low cost we offer to make an investment into because we do more than the average real estate agent would. It might seem ridiculous or not of a necessity to hire a home stage however if you have a property and/or need to sell your home it might very well work in your favor. Our stagers can help prospective buyer envision a beautiful dining room that is classy, tasteful, and comfortable. Strong Hands, LLC., has been told countless times we are “the best money” ones ever spent. We love getting complimented because it lets us know how excellent of a job that we are doing and how truly satisficed our clients are not only in the moment but down the road. Our goal is to move clients right along as fast as we can especially if in a crunch, hiring us for staging is done majority of the part on us. We like to ask for a layout of clients home, permission to walk clients through decluttering, and home to be depersonalized for the purpose of a fresh start for those walking in to consider buying clients homes. We also suggest all political, religious, not appropriate items, and anything not is not usual as well. Strong Hands, LLC., like to explain how our techniques can allow home buyers easily envision themselves moving in, taking over, and living there comfortable. If you are interested in selling your home faster, at a better price, shorter period listed, carrying the cost due to going with us as stagers (e.g., home would be properly staged and ready to show) give us a call at (607) 342-6761.