Purging for A Move!

Have you ever thought that when it comes time to purge before moving that there would also come at least 5 extraordinary revelations. Literally, “baggage” is an understatement when we hold onto materialistic stuff that might even be sentimental to us but really in actuality we can take it with us when we go. Rather than taking a ton of accumulated stuff that you truly have just held onto just because make decisions and step forwards with the truth that you are not going to somehow cram it away when you relocate. Not even just that thought perhaps you will realize you do not want to bring the baggage and cancel that small storage unit you almost invested in for another one of those just because thoughts. All told Strong Hands, LLC., works with clients to come up with a plan on down sizing then collaborates with our sister company the Clean Team even sometimes to help get clients organized and back to basics. Strong Hands, LLC., does all of the manual moving labor for our clients. For instance, we have clients decide, “What am I even packing this for” and chuck plenty of things that they completely instantly changed their mind on because half of the items they thought they want and/or needs to transfer over with them to their new space was not worth the baggage. Many times what happens is that clients encounter a few surprises when embarking on moving from one place to the next and as a newer moving company we enjoy hearing all about their experience through Google and Yelp reviews they write for us.

Strong Hands, LLC., suggest that moving often offers the perfect motivation for clients to get rid of things and prioritize what really matters. For instance, book worms, the feeling of getting rid of book that you have collected forever is what seems heart wrenching but perhaps the next book worm you donate your books to take advantage of the kindness and it becomes a continuous thing getting passed onto the next person after the next. Now how relieving is that? Think about it this way, when our clients hire us to put their things into a cardboard box and transfer it sometimes unpacking as well clients are telling us that they value these things enough to take it with them to their new place. Fine, that is absolutely great, however not a lot of stuff is actually worth hauling if you were to do it yourself instead of hiring a professional, experienced, and careful moving company. We are not discouraging clients to throw away everything they might have invested in and found valuable however we do suggest it is considerably a good idea to think about what they find at most valuable and useful to their household. Let us think more into this purging thing.

Purging for some can feel like therapy. In the sense that you can focus on more that you love. Whoa! we are not “anti-stuff” as mentioned before we are more anti-stuff-you-do not-care-about. Clients should find and sort through their belongings and pack item that bring fire up joy and junk the rest therefor they do not get in the way of what truly brings them joy such as their pet, family, exercising, outdoors, etc., whatever might bring one joy. For instance, getting rid of some coffee mugs. It is common for coffee mugs to be one of our kitchen most collected and stored away items. Pick a few out that you enjoy the most and donate the rest especially if they are chipped or discolored. That is it gone bye to the bye now you can feel fancy! I know this approach might seem a bit wasteful for some more because they end up buying the same exact thing if not comparable again but this action is actually an incentive to not replace the things you have tossed months later.

Let’s talk about thrown out intentionally and mistakenly family heirlooms… Now this is a very sticky and sensitive subject we only give suggestion briefly on being hired for the job. All honesty we always tell our clients that there is risk in throwing out something that they cannot replace. For instance, a sweater that their great grand parent might have sewed together for them as a child or brought to America from their home country. Something such as this cannot be replaced like a social security card that might be a pain to do all the paper work and wait for it to come in the mail weeks later but eventually it is replaced. We remind our clients that all of the purging that happens during moving is completely up to them and that we are only here to do for them what they are at most comfortable and satisfied with in the end. We also remind clients that if they are cleaning out storage area such as a spare closet if they throw something away they regret to not fret because life will go on. Yes, they will miss the item(s) but they will most definitely find other ways to be happy.

Strong Hands, LLC., is here to support all clients reach their fullest protentional when it comes to purging during a move. It is okay to make “junk it” your default when stuck. It is also okay to say to yourself that you are just not ready to get rid of certain items. Purging can be reckless and give many a thrill of letting go and starting over. However for others purging can be too much all at once. We would like to be the balance in your purging while moving experience. To bring us on board give us a call today by call (607) 342-6761!