Protecting Walls While Moving

When it comes moving day, your biggest thoughts are likely to be about how to keep your belongings or both the house your moving out of and the house your moving into getting damaged. This is because, furniture is heavy and anything heavy easily can be hard to move let alone prevent from nicking from bumping into causing damage to a house you just sold and/or bought.

Strong Hands, LLC., has good new that clients can prepare prior to move in day preventing damaged worried happening. Taking such precautious will reduce the likely hood of anything that will cost you a great amount of money in repairs.

The best way to get a head start is consulting with Strong Hands, LLC., and preparing how to prevent your walls during your move together. While you may plan on tackling this job all on your own our professionals know the in’s and out’s of this area the most of how to keep your carpet clean of dirt, tears, and spill, and to prevent the walls just as much from dents and scratches by using carboard or other materials to prevent damage.

Strong Hands, LLC., makes it easy and simple by showing up in the proper attire with nothing that would rub up against fragile items and damage them. We are experienced at wrapping items that clients need moved out and into their new place with proper materials (e.g., plastic, shrink wrap, padding, soft fabric, etc.,) to avoid anything damaging clients walls. Hiring us avoids any extra money being spent later. It is our top priority to make sure out clients belonging get moved safely.

When it comes to your up coming move call us and let us work with you to get you moved out of your home and into your new one. We have professional’s that are knowledgeable on these kind of things and ready to help at a low cost. We have the solution to protect your walls and that solution is simply picking up your phone giving us a quick call at 607-342-6761.