Protect Carpets While Moving

If you have not checked out “How To Protect Your Flooring” we highly suggest in doing so. Here is our second way of protecting flooring however a different type known as carpet. As you can imagine the whole idea of this information is to give more tips of how to protect flooring your right but we will take our applied knowledge to the next level here because we all can agree protecting your carpet is just as important as protecting your other types of floor (e.g., hard wood floors, tile, etc.,). There are many different material to use to cover your carpets for to strictly serve as protection so that absolutely no damage happens. Our worst nightmare is having damaged and stained perfectly taken care of carpet that was either put in or was left to us by previous owner who took very well care of them. Well there are strategies and techniques to damage-free carpeting in which not most clients who come to us nearing move in day would not have thought of to have used themselves. A material we use is using old clean rugs or even sometimes blankets donated to our company to use as temporary protection on clients move-in day. We use the strategize by placing this type of material at exit points to keep any water and/or dirty from getting on the rugs or below the material to the carpets. This strategy provides a barrier against damage (e.g., dents, scratches, stains, etc.,). We always remind clients using area rugs and blankets they decide to get rid of for moving purpose more than likely will totally get damaged during the process so only chose protectors that they do not mind letting go forever. Another material to consider is floor runner which act as an excellent protector and that will defend the floors and carpets in your home like a night in shiny armor. Most floor runners are made underneath to be anti-slip to keep them from shifting causing people who use them for many different reasons to slip and get hurt. Floor runners are a great option to use in particularly for staircases to prevent those from slipping while going up and down the stairs. Unfortunately, floor runner are pricey so you might want to find other material to use interchangeably. Plastic film might a bit cheaper however it is not recyclable. It serves as an a non-slip in between carpeting and traffic of feet in your home. Again, the downside of self-adhesive plastics film is that it has to be purchases yet another expense most would prefer to avoid. Strong Hands, LLC., like to use clean recycled cardboard as it is recyclable and cost little to nothing sometimes nothing at all. Cardboard can be used versatilely to protect hardwood flooring, laminate, carpet, tile and so on in your home. Flattened thick cardboard acts as extra protection that not only us but most clients prefer to keep not only us safe but our environment as well. Under normal circumstance and indented use, cardboard typically seals the deal for the win! In other words, if you already have the cardboard from packing then use it. Strong Hands, LLC., are the good movers and even if we are not doing all the work we are here offering all our tips. However, it is in customers best interest to hire the extra low cost help after hiring us the careful movers clients always realize how much work they were going to take on themselves and how their move could have costed them more. It is common that some clients do not realize up front all of the potential difficulties and actual cost that come into play making the picture a whole lot more troubling than just having our expert movers help. Our unique professionalism and knowledge speaks volumes in the work we physically do for our clients. For more details and information give us a call at 607-342-6761.