Partial Packing Services

Sometimes we just like to do it ourselves however in doing so comes with a combination of excitement and frustration. Luckily, Strong Hands, LLC., is here for you to lean on. Whether it is full or partial packing we offer both services that give clients what they need it is not just us showing clients what they want to see but also getting them where they want to be. We take the at most pride in providing excellent work that goes hand in hand with our clients instruction for providing our services packing and partially packing. We achieve ideal for those who reach the decision that they prefer a partial packer rather that full. Strong Hands, LLC., has professional packers on their team ready to take direction. All we ask of clients is to tell us what to do with items they wants packed and or removing already packed item. We inform our clients that we can always help with loading and unloading as well. Strong Hands, LLC., packing team member down to a science for instance, we pack heavier items on bottom and lighter fragile item towards the top. We suggest clients using clean old clothing such as scarfs, towels, etc., to save money on packing material to insulate which will fill spaces between items. We also advise clients to use items they already own such as plastic storage bins, luggage, and any other environmentally friendly items. However, we might suggest items such as listed above, but we also ask that clients plan ahead and grab some study cardboard boxes to ensure that some items do not get broken or damaged. Whether clients need a luxury item packed, and assortment of alcoholic beverages (e.g., wine bottles), many more items that shape rooms, Strong Hands, LLC., has the experience, knowledge, tools and equipment to guarantee clients item will be safe will we make their move easier during the entire process. Clients can count on us today and everyday to be there for them exceeding what is expected of us as the careful movers. Instead of taking a few week days off that could infringe on your work schedule give us a call ahead of time at (607) 342-6761. Let us get the move done quick and efficient without you burning exhausting yourself out.