Partial Moves

Sometimes clients take the whole entire moving process on their own then just shortly after they started or mid way through they decide hey I could really use some extra help. Strong Hands, LLC., the careful movers, the trust worthy, caring, positive, and strong ones takes call between eight in the morning to seven in the evening Monday through Friday and most of the times on the weekends. We can help load, unload, and/or finish a partial started job. Whatever the load, however long it takes, we are determined to help and take the physical labor off clients. Moving can be way more demanding than many think, it is of clients best interest to hire Strong Hands, LLC., moving crew to lighten their burdens. We are happy to be of service to all clients who come to us in need even during the most stressful moments of their lives. Our trained and experienced professional movers have the tools to do the job. For instance, our team will help get clients organized in a timely fashion to ensure belonging to less likely get damaged. We try out best not to work counterproductively in our efforts to satisfy making their moving process a positive experience to remember. To serve as the base and foundation of our truck load we typically load plastic, special cloths, padded wrapped heavy furniture and other items that apply since they as least likely to move around. Another strategy of ours is slowing down and taking our time to use our space wisely ensuring everything will fit. We strategically load our truck to not only save room but it also saves time! Our crew reserves items for last to load such as luggage, chairs, rugs, etc., to balance our truck and from preventing anything from getting damaged. It is good to make note of items that are hazardous (e.g., cleaning supplies, substances that could catch on fire, medicine, etc.). Many of our clients find it interesting however we advise to always latch truck gates, lock up all part of truck, etc., because moving theft happens more than imaginable. It is important for us to keep clients safe at all time even when we turn out back for a brief minute. Our team are reputable and most choose to make their moving plans with us because make it easy! Let us be here to support at any point of your move by simply giving us a call at 607-342-6761.