Moving with Pets

Meow this, ruff ruff that, or maybe it is the talking bird, the curious rabbit, or how about the unbothered reptile whichever animal that may have the last noise on the big moving day. The reality of it is – pets are apart of the family. So, when it comes time to moving, pet owners need to make it of priority to create a pet-friendly home.

Strong Hands, LLC., help clients travel through their pets mind so when it comes time to move the majority of their worries in regards to their pets are at least settled.

Maybe you got a new job offer, a chance to grow your family, and/or closer or farther away from the city. It is important to be mindful or why you want to move to make sure you are making a feasible decision. Whether your new home is more pet-friendly, has larger square footage, or just what you want. The motivation behind your decision matters more than most realize when purchasing a new home.

A few things to know when deciding on what house to buy with pets. For instance, if you have a dog it is a good idea to consider hard wood flooring, ranch style home, running on the stairs, a fenced in back yard, a built in mudroom, surrounding side walks with pedestrian crossings, and lastly nearby park, trails, and outdoor green wide open spaces.

Another instance, if you have cats you should consider hard wood flooring, high ceilings, low-traffic area, large windows, screened in porch and or a sun room, lastly a large bathroom to where you can store a small litter box.

When considering these basic common things shopping for homes it is also of important to think about room that clients can declutter and make more or less accessible for their pets to lounge in. By donating or throwing away items you do need when moving you are clearing your home from unnecessary clutter making healthy lifestyle choices that will ultimately benefit everyone in the long-run.

Moving is stressful enough for us human for animals it is an experience that is not easily processed. Losing their favorite lounging and hiding spots for instance it is a change that they cannot understand like us. We know what is happening when moving pets on the other hand do not comprehend.

Somethings to consider is gathering veterinary records, refilling nay medications need be, finding a new vet technician, etc., and much more. If clients are going to board their pets making the proper arrangement for that to happen.

Here is something pro-active to do in effort to managing your pets stress is generate a solid list of the things you can do for them during the moving process. In case one strategy does not work you can try another.

Your list can simply consist of getting your pet comfortable in their crate (e.g., practicing going in and out of the crate), not feeding your pet before travel by hydrating them because the last thing you would want is you pet to have an upset stomach ending in them vomiting, screening pet-friendly places, setting up a nice quiet area where you pet can become comfortable with the new home, pet-proofing your new home before letting your pets roam free, and lastly paying close attention to your pets body language to monitor for signs of stress and/or illness.

Strong Hands, LLC., might not have all the answers however we can step in and be apart of your moving experience and guide clients on how to keep their pets cared for and happy at a low cost so that clients can focus solely on their big move instead of getting distracted by their anxiety worrying over the little things. For more information give us a call at (607) 342-6761.