Moving with Kids

Children Are Not A Distraction from more Important Work, Children Are The most Important Work 😊

Have you ever tried moving with kids? It’s difficult. Whether it’s long distance or the house down the street; if friends or nobody in that matter is available to have you move, moving with kids can become stressful quick. If If you have a baby or toddler, or other small children you’ll have to become creative to move while entertaining them and keeping your sanity. Take it from a professional moving company whose moving experience goes a long way our clients use our ideas and tips to make their life while moving a little less crazy.

Moving can be a huge undertaking especially if your adding children into it because family and/or friend are not available and you cannot afford the help of a sitter. This can feel like an impossible challenge to get through without hiring Strong Hands, LLC. for a low cost.

Strong Hands, LLC., understands moving day from a child’s perspective which looks like parents spending hours wrap, pack, and label their belongings, only to watch them again unpack, unwrap, and store things, in a new home, it is very boring for them. Let’s talk about the amount of anxiety for some that moving brings such as a new start and new adventure in a new living environment say your kids were reluctant to wanting to the move. How about kids seeing their mother having a meltdown from the normal stress of moving turned into a complete nightmare.

Luckily, with a little creativity and mindfulness, parent can plan accordingly for moving day to make moving into a fun/friendly event. With low-cost activities keeping your kids busy while we focus on the move will not be of a problem.

There are plenty of great games for children that even focus on learning. For instance, when moving I am sure there is so extra bubble wrap hanging around let your children play with some as children love bubble wrap. They will entertain themselves until every last bubble is popped. This serves as a distraction only for when your children are in the same room with you, we kind of have to be strategic here! When children are playing with bubble wrap to ensure safety there should always be an adult close by in case of anything happening.

Another instance, if age appropriate let them help pack. Even young children can pack items such as toys, stuffed animals, books of theirs, and clothing. Listen, it might no be as neat and efficient as we would like but if works to help your children feel apart of the change so be it. Let them organize their toys! A good idea we have seen is parents do is a mini “movie theater” by arranging blankets and pillows on the floor, yummy snacks, drinks, and a portable DVD player with a variety of age appropriate movies to pick from to watch.

We hope our few sanity savers we spoke about here have helped put into perspective for those that have no other choice but to have their children present during a move. For more sanity saving tips and our extraordinary moving services to help support your family on the big move day please give us a call at (607) 342-6761.