Moving Tricks and Tips

First, and always, it is our top priority, once your move is indefinite, we suggest clients to review all confirmation documents, make sure dates, addresses, contact phone numbers are correct. Second, make certain parking is available at both destinations. Any necessary permits on your behalf (e.g., housing deed, keys to new destination, etc.) need to be accessible and any regulations (e.g., apartment complex, condo, new office, etc.). Third, if relevant, reserve elevator and direct loading space at new destination, and advise your Strong Hands, LLC., moving coordinator of any restrictions (e.g., time). Fourth, be sure to have planned out electricity operation (e.g., disconnecting at old place connecting at new). Fifth, disconnect appliances such as computer, television, surround system, mobile fire place, etc., all of the equipment necessary that is applicable prior to your move. Sixth, be sure all items in the attic and/or crawl space are moved into a common area to save time for when the movers come. It is suggested that clients Strong Hands, LLC., driver present items at arrival. Seventh, if packing on own be sure to fully packed, taped shut, and neatly labeling for our team members to organize boxes accordingly. Eighth, before leaving location make sure a walk through is performed twice by client and Strong Hands, LLC., team member to ensure that is going is on the truck. When performing the walk through it is highly suggested to check places such as closets, dishwasher, cupboards, etc., and many more. Something to also keep in mind when moving and moving into new place is: turning on and off light fixtures (e.g., ceiling fan), running water and checking for leaks under sinks, testing all appliances, checking if garage door opens and closes, flushing toilets, inspecting ceiling, walls, and floors, run garbage disposal and exhaust fans. Ninth, pet arrangements whether it is a friend, sitter, and/or groomer. As animal lovers ourselves, we always advice our clients to be thoughtful of their pets feeling as it can be a stressful adjustment for them all well. Tenth, lastly, when everything is all said and done, we advice clients to do an overview of entire move for reason such as making sure boxes are in correct rooms, nothing valuable was left behind, etc., all in all we enjoy the at most satisfactory review from all of our clients to us every client matters.