How To: Prepare Specialty Mattresses

Now, if you have not had a chance to read our post on “How To: Move Mattresses” we advise you to read that post before this one only in the regards that the same rules do not apply with every type of mattress. Specialty mattresses such as sleep number bed and tempurpedic mattresses need clearly defined care. Tempurpedic have to be completely flat 100% of the time even though it can be moved vertically in short distance instances.

Sleep number beds also need specific a careful thought such as possibly having to disconnect the electronics or hiring a specialist to come before Strong Hands, LLC., unless we get specific permission to disconnect for the client to do it.

Assembling your Sleep Number 360®Smart Bed Compatible Flexfit™ Adjustable Base – YouTube

Not hiring professional movers to move your valuable furniture will most definitely save you money, but the thing we suggest clients remember is that they cannot or should it be said as should not attempt to complete this task entirely on their own. Strong Hands, LLC., have reliable careful hands and have no problem getting right to work. Instead, taking the chances give us a call today to book your specialty move by giving us a call at (607) 342-6761.