How To: Move A Mattress

There is something about having a perfect cozy, comfy, mattress that you can fall asleep and stay asleep in or even just longue in for a few minutes. The last thing clients what is their mattress to be damaged that is why they call Strong Hands, LLC. for assistance. With that in mind, we outline for our clients the best practices that we follow when moving mattresses.

First and foremost we take care of the most important part of moving a mattress which is bagging it up with thick plastic bags can we purchase at moving supply stores if our clients did not save the original bag their mattress came in. The plastic bags we use protects against dirty and/or any other damage that is possible when moving delicate furniture such as a luxury mattress.

Strong Hands, LLC., finds it extremely important to make sure we keep all of our clients belongings clean and fully protected. If clients prefer for their mattresses to travel in a thicker bag such as a carrier that more than likely has handles on each ends we can carry their mattress in a sling just fine without any issues. However, we suggest that carriers are more beneficial if not having professional movers assist. We as careful professional movers that have experience do not necessarily need a tool that high technique. Next, our team rotates, flips, and or angles clients mattresses to go through the door because if a mattress is bended it could possible ruin it by causing lumps. No matter how narrow or short a clients stairwell is we figure out a way to get the task done without ruining their mattress as that is an hard no in our book. If there is an issue to where we cannot get the clients mattress out safely we often times suggest another way such as renting a crane. It is worth renting a crane rather than ruining your lovely bed that most have worked hard to afford and enjoy. Something some movers and/or clients trying to move their bed on their own forget or does not even come to mind is light-fixtures and/or sprinkler heads. After this entire process is complete next up is picking a spot in our truck or any truck in that matter to place the clients mattress. It is important that their mattress is placed in a spot that is protected by water (e.g., water/snow). The mattress also need to be able to fit flat and upright against a wall of the truck or up strictly against a truck load (e.g., farthest away from the door in the back). Strong Hands, LLC., lays down either cardboard and/or blankets before our clients mattress touches the truck their mattress is being transported in. The mattress is first placed upright on the protective gears and secured to either a box spring and/or but not limited to some cardboard sheets, or a solid wall or boxes. If need be we can use straps such as bungee cords although we strongly try not too because yes they may help however the bungee cord hooks can come loose ripping the fabric of the mattress ultimately damaging it.

As you have read above, this is tedious and stressful work for a person without moving experience, we suggest calling a professional such as us Strong Hands, LLC., do not leave clients high and dry or sadly disappointed we leave them highly satisficed and will get the job done without any hiccups, bumps, or bruises. Give us a call today to book your mattress move at (607) 242-6761!