Full Packing Services

Why spend your valuable time on packing when worrying about the safety of your precious belongings when Strong Hands, LLC., offer to do it for clients. For people who have little time or just do not want to deal all of the boxes, taping, labeling, organizing, etc., with the packing of their belonging, we can do it for you at an affordable cost. Our professionals have experience packing whole-residential and whole office spaces and know how to properly handle task that most would get frustrated and throw their hands up with while still needing to get done because they have to be out of their space within hours, days, week, month, etc., we are here to help make it easy on clients. Strong Hands, LLC., team member are specialized in wrapping all valuable items in material that will protect your belongings, secure items in proper boxes, that are labelled and taped in a way that will be easy to open when unpacking. We always pack to impress but do a good job that shows that we care being the careful movers that we are known to be. Strong Hands, LLC., is a full service and we remind our clients that after items are processed and moved to new location we will assist at helping with unpacking, organizing, and positioning furniture if of interest. One thing we keep in mind is that nobody likes to feel like you left them hanging so we enjoy going the extra mile for a fair affordable cost every time. Give us a call and let us know how we can suit you we can be reached at 607-342-6761.