Downsizing As A Senior?

What Should You Do With Your Belongings?

It is so much more than moving when you are downsizing as a senior, let us help. Downsizing means where you are relocating to more than likely will have less space. Over the course of a lifespan you probably have accumulated lots of “stuff” some value some not. When downsizing you will not be able to take everything that you own. For some, overwhelmed with emotion they do not even know where to begin.

Strong Hands, LLC., know how to better help those in need of downsizing them most moving companies. We start by taking a picture of each room in clients home so that they have something to look back on when wanting to feel comfortable from their past home where many have spent so much time making memories. Then, we choose one part of clients home to start putting into categories such as: keep, throw out, give away, or donate. After that we like to get our client involved even more by putting together a “special” pile of items they want to give to the special loved ones in their like (e.g., family, close friends, etc.,). The special pile consist of heirlooms, antiques, and really any items that hold a sentimental value in their hearts or items that have been requested to be passed on. Of course all the the items you use on a regular basis or that bring your joy on a regular basis even time from time should go with you. It is also a great idea to pack an essential bag.

Anything broken, unusable, and unable to restored back close to it’s regular form should be tossed immediately without any hesitation. For a small cost we will take all gently used, recyclable, or repairable items for clients and donate them to a nonprofit that accepts those type of goods. Any items that need to be thrown out we can help with that as well. Items that you are not willing to part with if enough for a small storage space we can help arrange that with clients as well.

Strong Hands, LLC., policy when helping clients downsize and declutter is that if they are not ready to give away, toss, or donate – there is no reason to do anything in such that will cause regret and grief later on for them. We respect our clients feelings and opinions as we are working for them find ways to significant benefit them by coming up with a plan of action that will make the situation less overwhelming.

We suggest to thoroughly downsize and minimize clutter with us to ensure clients have achieved their highest potential in such a sensitive time in their life. Whichever way clients choose to go we will go with them offering our services every step along the way to better help them reach their goals. For more information about our services and booking with us, give us a call at 607-342-6761.