Moving A Hot Tub

Hot tubs are mostly big and heavy. It is possible to be done by yourself, but hiring professionals is the better option. Here are some things to know about moving hot tubs.

  • they are very heavy, never move this alone
  • use at least two dollies
  • have something to support the base
  • wrap it in moving blankets
  • when loading it on the truck you need to strap it down

Moving With Pets

Whether you’re moving in/out of town, its best to prepare your animals for the new home and the trip there. Some pets get really anxious, or just don’t like car rides at all. Make this transition easy for your loving pets.

When it’s confirmed that you are officially moving in, bring your pet(s) to the new place to get familiar with the property. Bring them along with you every time you get the chance. They may think it’s just a visit, but it is soon to be permanent.

As for long distance, stopping for breaks is essential. Make sure your pet is in a safe and comfortable position. Keeping them on a leash, strapping any cages down, and for smaller animals – a pet car-seat. You wouldn’t want to make your pet uncomfortable in a long car ride.