One simple step to making your hardwood and/or laminate flooring shine like new is calling the Clean Team to come help by providing their expertise services. It is all about spending time with your hardwood floors for us to exceed all expectations of our highly determined clients. Modern floors, Antique floors, Oak floors, light floors and more we have experienced team members available and ready to be of service for you. It is important to consider what is being to used to clean your floor surfaces especially laminate, however, it is recommended, not needed. We like to go the extra length and use unscented green products that are tailored to laminate and wood floors. We gently work closely with floors to not soak them but register the product being used. Ordinary wood floors, we start to by dusting and sweeping floors well then gently mixing our products to gently apply them to floor surfaces. We mop or scrub smaller sections at a time then move to doing bigger sections, carefully drying them with a sanitized clean cloth and/or dry mop after. To avoid steaks, we simple take our time when it comes to this final step. These cleaners give the most unimaginable dull floors a restored clean look that catches your eye. For more details that go into our deep floor cleaning process, please inquire by giving the Clean Team a friendly call at 607-216-7889.