Expanding When You First Move In New Home!

Strong Hands, LLC., help inspire new home owners as more than not we have helped more them in and get settled hanging by their side each and every step of the way providing that extra support most need. We suggest that clients think about the things they should do when they first move in and how we can work with them create a safe, efficient, and comfortable living environment for the entire family. Of course, there are multiple things people should moving (e.g., packing an essential bag). However, that is all covered in another post of ours, here we will talk about how we can help clients expand when they move into their new space. Let’s just say for instance you own the home finally you already did a walk through and are good to go on with your list your think is completed to cover all in which that will whip your new home in shape to your standards. Now, let’s get this party started. First, the list, going down one by one evaluating which applies to you. The first appropriate thing that applies to everyone on the list is changing the locks. It does not matter how friendly, kind, honest, or accommodating the previous owners were more than likely you have only known them at face value. For your own peace of mind just go ahead and have us replace the locks. When changing lock it is also a great idea to install edge guards to minimize the possibility for criminal opportunist to get in. Trust us, if they could they would, we have experience to lead us to strongly believe this being true. Next, checking your windows is just as important as changing your locks in a sense. If basic hatches that are commonly found on windows robbers only have to take an object that will pop the hatches out of place to get in. If clients want to add additional security at a low cost Strong Hands, LLC., can install simple pin locks. We like to remind clients to evaluate any sliding or French doors in addition to haven taken care of their windows. We are a company that is a jack of all trades. We can help get clients checked into their new homes by settling up their Wi-Fi and any type of security system. Once clients have called and get themselves set up with a internet company after clients can call us so that we can finish the set up process by handling the equipment part finding the hot spots throughout living space. After all of that is taken care of things get a little more simpler. Strong Hands, LLC., helps clients create a spot they put important items like keys, phone chargers, wallets, purses, and book bags. Putting these type of things in one spot can help create better security and make it more accessible if having to run in and out quickly when on the go. We ask that clients consult with their families and/or roommate to agreed on where the best place their no loose spot to be located. Strong Hands, LLC., has plenty of areas like this because we are always on the fly going from one place to another we need to be able to move quickly without forgetting important things. Before you know it clients will have boxes everywhere when moved in so that is why we always offer each and every one of our services that could benefit them. If clients need help moving their washer and dryers into their new home we will not only do that but we will hook them up with clients permission. Many of us move into a new home and do not know where to start. The answer is start by calling us do not waste your own time dealing with all the trouble that we can clear up a lot quicker as we have the ample amount of experience of more than clients can ever image. For instance, building closet shelving, cleaning clients dryer and changing the air filter in them, installing smoke alarms and/or just changing them, child proofing, checking all of the plugs and appliances, helping clients get organized with the garbage and recycling schedule. Our final though here is that we offer our cleaning services – please give us a call to here about our Clean Team services at 607-342-6761 and book with both Strong Hands, LLC., and the Clean Team.