Downsizing for Retirement

Whether clients want to save money, travel more, or live in a home that is more accessible, downsizing can be great for retirement living. It is common that most think about downsizing for retirement. We always tell our clients that come to us that they are not alone. Nearly short of 50% of Americans plan to downsize approaching their golden years. An ideal and practical way to lower clients monthly living expenses and save time on upkeeping a home. Some advantages to consider: the opportunities to clear clutter from your home; moving into a small home will more than likely lower your utility bill; less maintenance and cleaning; if you paid your home off the equity that is more likely than not to be valuable in addition to your assets; selling your current home adjusting to a small space having more money to do what you want with; all of these advantages can not only save you money in the long run but time especially as being older. Worth advantage come disadvantage and of course individualism meaning what works for some might not work for others. For instance, a small home means downsizing and maybe that is a very difficult thing to put into reality, having fewer guest over a time, packing-moving-settling in a new home can be overwhelming emotionally-mentally-physical and not something you are fully ready to do, might have to switch to owning your own home to renting someone else property, and lastly if you live in a good area you might have to take what is available in a more rigid one compromising the lifestyle you have been comfortable with for years. Strong Hands, LLC., has an incredible team that is not only careful and hardworking but empathetic and always on time for our clients as we take it serious. Our team is here to help clients at a low cost that are in need of any of our services. This service in particular can be taxing not only physically but emotionally and mentally for clients as mentioned previously in text. If clients decide they want to downsize for retirement we only ask them to keep a few in mind and let us worry about everything else. We ask that they keep in mind that downsizing a home includes many things such as the cost of selling their home and moving then choosing where they want to live next to spend the next chapter of their life. Before we start helping clients downsize, we ask them to take a look at the current housing expenses (e.g., mortgage payment, home insurance, utility bills, maintenance, and property taxes, so that they know and we know they will succeeded. That is about as personal we get sometimes with our clients because we care about their wants, needs, and success. Some clients are more excited and ready to start their new journey than other and that is okay either way we are here for our clients. Strong Hands, LLC., regardless of where clients want to relocate will help at a low cost. Before taking all of this on by yourself let us be apart of embracing your achievements and getting you to where you want or need to go by giving us a call at 607-342-6761.